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Retiring Trustee

Adrian Ford, one of TEAMS UK Trustees is retiring as he will have fulfilled his 2 year term on 30th April.
He has recently taken on the chair of another charity and due to this commitment did not feel able to offer himself for a further term.

I, and the board [...]

D I T Tailoring Examinations

Thank you for praying for TEAMS Sewing Students.

As indicated in our last update regarding TEAMS sewing school, our Year 2 students have just taken their DIT examinations. D I T stands for the Department of Industrial Training and is the vocational educational arm of the Ugandan Governments Ministry of [...]

New addition to TEAMS family!
New addition to TEAMS family!

We are delighted to announce that we have a new member of the TEAMS family – Pastor Charles and his wife Susan have been blessed with a bonny baby boy!

Born on Sunday 7th March he and mum are doing well and both were back home within 12 hours! [...]

Please pray for our Sewing School students - Government examinations at the end of March!
Please pray for our Sewing School students - Government examinations at the end of March!

After being postponed 5 months by the Pandemic, students (and one of the teachers) of our sewing school “Stitches” are sitting Government examinations in Tailoring later this month.

The exams are over 2 days and an invigilator is sent from Kampala to oversee the event. Day 1 is the Theory [...]

Christmas message from the Trustees

WOW - 2020, a year like no other! Across the world so many have died from Covid-19 and others are facing difficulties that they could never have ever dreamt of before the pandemic arrived. We want to thank you so much for your continued support - financial and with prayer - in [...]

Stop Press - Riots

In the past 48 hours we have received troubling news of significant riots taking place in the centres of Kampala, Masaka and Gulu (where TEAMS is based). Unofficially we hear that more than 15 people have been killed and our staff tell us they can smell the tear gas [...]

TEAMS receives some “Crafty support” during the Pandemic
TEAMS receives some “Crafty support” during the Pandemic

We were thrilled to receive generous support from the Craft Group of All Saints Church Sidmouth, Devon.
During the Pandemic this group has turned its attention to making (amongst other things) face masks. These were sold to raise funds for Charities and TEAMS was one of those selected to [...]

TEAMS Reopens in Uganda!
TEAMS Reopens in Uganda!

After 7 months of enforced closure, in accordance with the Ugandan Governments recommendations, TEAMS has reopened its site and restarted its programmes this month. The effects of Covid-19 are still being felt in Northern Uganda, but with reported deaths in the country still being under 1,000 since the pandemic [...]

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