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'Decisions determine destiny'

There are a couple of characters in the Bible whom stand out from the rest because very
little if anything is said negative of them. Perhaps the most that can be levelled against
them is that they were ‘victims of circumstance’. Joseph is one, Daniel is the other.
Joseph [...]

New life

As we enter the season of Spring,after the dark winter months, it is so refreshing to see the changes all around. New leaves and colourful blossom blooming on the once bare trees. The days are now lighter both early in the morning and later in the evenings, which is a [...]


Faithfulness and loyalty are rare qualities today, but they are a few of the most important characteristics we can possess - as it reflects the nature of God. Life throws disappointments, tribulations and trials which can lead us to draw back from our responsibilities, but God draws closer to [...]

Teams Update Week 6

TEAMS Mission to Uganda – March 2014

Well, as we draw to a close on another mission, it is nice to see smiles all round! Below you see the picture of one of our leaders receiving a full set of the Stepping Out Programme Training manuals which we presented to [...]

Post Uganda - Ojali

On arrival from Uganda the first thing that struck me about being back was the weather. I left England when it was still warm only to return with Autumn waiting to greet me as I step into Heathrow with flip-flops. The next day I was back at work so I [...]

I would go back - Kate

Post missions check list: Malaria tablets have all been taken now; pictures have all been shown; stories have all been told. Done. This marks exactly one week AFTER we’ve returned from Uganda! Still feels strange. I’m back at work and everything has just resumed as usual. This is when [...]

One week later - Hannah

This time a week ago I was waking up to the sounds of cockerels announcing the awakening of another African sunrise; colours of reds and oranges in the sky. This morning, however, I find myself awakening to pale greys and blues alongside the sounds of the familiar raindrops of signature [...]

Who am I? - Stephanie Anyan

Even though I’ve been a Christian for 20 years – and I am totally confident in Christ in many ways. My achilles heel was recognising who I am, in Christ. Not what people say I am or think I should be, but who I was born and destined to be. [...]

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