Teams Update Week 6

TEAMS Mission to Uganda – March 2014

Well, as we draw to a close on another mission, it is nice to see smiles all round! Below you see the picture of one of our leaders receiving a full set of the Stepping Out Programme Training manuals which we presented to all those who completed the FULL 5 day training with us. It was an intensive time from 9-4pm every day and in the searing heat – was a challenge for all.

Two ladies completed the 5 days, with babies alongside – an amazing achievement. Our days started early with personal team devotionals followed by staff devotionals, followed by the conference.

Testimonies flooded in and it was hard to keep track. It wasn’t just the teaching of the word but the healings, miracles and infillings with several receiving the infilling of the Holy Spirit. One staff member was led to faith and by the end of the week we not only had many of the sewing school students attend the devotionals but also the builders from the Classroom Complex Construction!

One gave a remarkable testimony of a marital restoration. The week before he was on the point of divorce with his wife and had initiated moves towards this. His heart was softened in the devotionals and each night he went home, the attitude of his wife was changing. A couple of days later she stated that she didn’t want to divorce and subsequently surprised him with a succulent meal! The following day she surprised him even more – she had spent her savings and bought a TV as a gift for her husband. The change was remarkable and understandably the builder was beaming from ear to ear!


In Britain we tend to be quite cautious when it comes to occurrences outside of our human intellect and reasoning. There is no doubt that rationality and intellectual understanding has its place, but I do feel we have lost something in our secularised society. Faith in God opens up a whole other realm of possibility. However advanced the academia – there are still limitations.

When Jesus began to perform miracles, signs and wonders after 30 years of quietly going about his business as a son, a brother and a carpenter – it shook the world, it uprooted people’s comfort zones around faith and belief and it provided irrefutable evidence that he was no ordinary man.

It is easy to look back and read them as stories, or relegate them to the pages of history – but what if God moves today? This suddenly projects Jesus beyond a religion – into a reality, beyond a faith – into a fulfilment.

Don’t limit God, to religion – he is relatable.

Don’t limit Jesus, to meek and mild – he is Lord of all.

Don’t limit yourself, to reason – you are capable of revelation.

Many have eyes – but they don’t see.

Many see – but they have no vision.

Many have vision – but they don’t bring reality.

Jesus was the embodiment of God, in reality. If impossibility became possible – then anything is possible – with God.