Jesus the healer! – a modern day miracle (Rachel)

As the mission has now come to an end and the team have since left Gulu, making their way back to the Uk. I still remain for a few weeks in the good company of Daniel and Jody who are based here. Therefore, already being familiar with Gulu as I had first visited back in 2003, I decided to spend the day with a dear friend and her family. They always welcome me ‘home’!

When I first arrived at the house her mother was very sick with malaria. She had been lying on her bed for a whole week. She had no strength and was feverish needing fluid to be pumped into her body via a tube. When she saw me she remembered me well and was so happy that I had come. I sat beside her on the bed and greeted her, I then laid my hand on her head and embraced her so moved by her suffering. I did not pray for her, but made a conscious decision to pray before I departed.

I then spent a few hours catching up with my friend as we had not seen one another for four years! During this time her mother got up off her bed and walked out of the room to wash. She then came and sat down with the rest of us who were sharing.

After a while I then asked her how she was feeling, she then  immediately responded by saying that….this was the first time she had had the strength to get up off her bed and walk without any assistance and be able to sit together with everyone and eat properly. She knew from the moment I sat beside her and placed my hand on her head that Jesus had touched and healed her.

I then left their home both humbled and honoured at the timeless healing power of Jesus Christ, that even in an ever changing modern era we live in today our Lord is indeed the same yesterday, today and forever. Amen!!

Rachel Cooper