Power – ‘use or abuse’

The Greek word for ‘power’ is often translated as miraculous power or the force of power to do things and make things happen. That is true, but there is another element which relates to the ‘ability’ to do something or make it happen. Ability is the skill set or competence is an area. When we think of power or authority, especially in relation to politicians or people in authority then the key concept that is highlighted in the media is credibility and whether we can trust those who have authority in our lives.

When it comes to God and truth, what is truth? Is there credibility in the Bible and trusting God as Father? Many seek to challenge these concepts but history, evidence and spirituality validate it as true.

In God, ‘dunamis’ is not merely a force or power, but a characteristic of a ‘person’ – the Holy Spirit. And when we read in Luke, that Jesus came out of the wilderness in the power of the Spirit then the word used their, is ‘dunamis’. It wasn’t a supernatural force that maintained Jesus in the midst of fierce temptation – but relationship with a person – the Holy Spirit. It was the yieldedness of Jesus through prayer that led to the ‘ability’ of the spirit leading him through.

In life, we can absolutely trust the power and authority of God in Jesus, we can rely and lean upon the ability of the Holy Spirit to lead us and guide us through everything we face, and come out in the power. That does not mean that we will be unscathed, but it means that he will give us the wisdom, guidance, insight and peace to find a way through the midst of the storms. Waiting UPON and IN God, is key to this ‘ability’, because it’s in those moments that we learn to listen, learn to yield and learn to trust.  When we do that, we find a supernatural peace, a supernatural grace and a supernatural strength in God to serve, to worship and to witness.

Whatever faces you this week, identify that relationship with God in the Holy Spirit and let Him fill, fuel and fire your life into the anointing and into the purpose of God in every situation.