1. Integrate to facilitate. Empowerment comes through enrichment. The Upper Room was not an escape but an encounter – with God AND with each other.

2. Integrate to delegate. You can’t delegate what you don’t demonstrate. You can’t demonstrate what you don’t differentiate. Knowledge brings information. Wisdom brings impartation. Knowledge builds the head. Wisdom builds the house!

3. Integrate to procreate. Experience creates empathy. Fellowship creates fruit. Empathy people feel, fruit people eat! Empathy is soulish. Fruit is spiritual. By their empathy you will hear them. By their fruit you will know them.

4. Integrate to regulate. Isolation brings desolation. Relationship brings stewardship. Accountability is not the ability to count but the capability to confess. Inner beauty brings outer favour. Outer beauty brings inner frailty. Cowards talk big and live small.  Stewards talk small and live big.

5. Integrate to stimulate. Adam was alone. Eve was lonely. Being alone is a position. Being lonely is a condition! Adam left and lost leadership. Eve listened and lost companionship.

6. Integrate to elevate. You can’t stand up until you kneel down. You can’t stand out until lay down and you can’t lift high until you love low! Jesus wrote in sand before he rose and spoke with the women caught in adultery. View the world from top down but visit the world from bottom up!

7. Integrate to dominate. He that rules his soul takes a rest. He that rules his spirit takes a city. Dominion is not our fantasy but our destiny!