Day 3 - Entering Into The Thick Of It

As the theme for the trip is the fruits of the spirit we have looking into the different aspects of this. Today the theme was ‘goodness.’

What have we experienced so far? A series of delays for the journey, lack of sleep and also long days. However this is not negative. It’s positive! These are all the goodness of the trip. Being on a missions trip allows you to reflect on why you’re here. All that I mentioned are part of the package!

From my personal experience I have seen women picking up their identity in the women’s conference, others being bold to declare their faith at the baptism service and also the attention given to the agape children has been heart warming, as I witnessed them having a special session with some of the leaders.

The goodness of the trip is all what we do not experience on a daily basis in our life in London. The experience here is rich and in it is the under current of Gods goodness as we remind ourselves of our purpose here and the change we see in us as well as everyone around us.

To sum up, the trip for me so far has been challenging, rewarding and exciting. This is Gods goodness experienced.

Kate Kimona