Retracing my steps reflectively…

Returning to UK on Wednesday 27th August, stepping back onto British concrete and seeing the familiar sites in Terminal 3, there was no mistake that we were home. After saying our goodbyes we departed to our individual journeys home. Although, we corporately journeyed to Uganda together, individually our life journey experience in Gulu has been different. Having been on mission twice now, there is no doubt that it is a spiritually, emotionally and mentally life changing experience.

This mission for me was completely different from 2013. I saw that there was a deepening of spiritual wells – in that there was a digging and a deepening of foundations, a clearing out and removal of blockage and a reconnecting to the source (the Father). I saw that there was a strengthening in relationships and hearts being connected and knitted into the vision God has for TEAMS. Most of all what I saw was that God was building a family and understanding your position as a child of God was key. Understanding your position, knowing your inheritance and what is righteously yours is imperative, in order to walk out your destiny and possess what rightfully belongs to you.

On reflection, nothing spoke more clearly to me than the relationship between father and son I saw in Liam and Daniel Chapman. The love, attentiveness and correction of the father, reflected a confident, bold and caring son. Daniel’s boldness as a son really ministered to me. He knew his identity and inheritance and walked in the freedom of this. At 11 years old, he already has a vision and used it to encourage others such as the children in the Agape programme, whom many are without parents. This really inspired the children to pursue their vision for their lives. It also reminded them that they belong to the TEAMS family and there are people who care and love them.

For a small lad, Daniel made mighty steps in Uganda and demonstrated agape love to all. I leave you with Daniel’s experience of the trip…

Stephanie Anyan

My First Steps in Uganda

When I arrived at Entebbe Airport I was thrilled to be in Uganda with my Dad because I have been asking him for years to do this. When I got out of the plane the hot air took me by surprise. When I arrived at the Entebbe Guest House Hotel, I was greeted by a black dog, who jumped at me and than ran off and disappeared into the shadows.

The next day me and my dad travelled an eight and half hour mini bus journey to Gulu and found this tiring. When me and my TEAMS mates arrived at the Layibi site on Sunday, as soon as I entered the ground I was filled with Holy Spirit. The next morning during the team devotional at the hotel I was filled with the Holy Spirit and I was speaking the holy language. The strange language because I did not know what I was doing, I was a blubber mouth for the time I was speaking the Holy language. I had no control of my mouth. It was the best experience of my 11 years!

Over all…

The experience has given me knowledge and taught me not to take things for granted and I’ve changed spiritually I am a lot stronger. In fact, when a mosquito bites me it goes away saying; there’s power in the blood because I’m amaze-balls.


Daniel Chapman