Agape Orphan
Agape Orphan

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet nine of the Agape children and their guardians today.

The children who attended the meeting are: Apiyo Jeanette, Oroma Oliva, Ocen Gerald, Ocora Eric, Ogik Emmanuel, Okello Patrick, Odong Martin and Oyugi Moses.

The purpose of the meeting was to introduce myself and get to know them. It was also an opportunity to see how the children were doing at school and during their holidays.

We had a time of going around in a circle and introducing ourselves. We had African tea and British biscuits that went down as a treat. This was followed by the children writing letters to say thank you to their sponsors for their support.

The children really enjoyed writing the letters and decorating them with stickers and designs. At the end of the session we took some photos and some of the children wanted to continue to write, draw and read.