Allow, Recognise & Follow
Allow, Recognise & Follow

Following on with the theme of unpacking and rebuilding, as I was washing my hair last night, the Holy Spirit reminded me of how Jesus washed the disciples’ feet (John 13). In those days, people tended to wear sandals so the mud and dirt would be easily brushed on to people’s feet thus it was important to wash your feet after a long day. This also reflects in the spiritual, whatever walk we are on in life, it can be easy to pick up bad habits perhaps spiritually, or allow sin to grip on to us in some form. The Holy Spirit revealed to me that when we unpack the dirt and the muck with Jesus that can cling spiritually, it’s important to allow Him to also wash us and cleanse us from the things of the world and the sin that keeps us from living in holiness.

So how can we be rebuilt in the holiness and cleanliness Christ gives through His washing? In this scripture I can see three main points that Jesus gives to guide us:

1) Allow Jesus to unpack you. Verse 8 shows that it is God’s desire for us to unpack with Him and allow Him to wash us to be clean and free. This is part of being in a relationship with Him.

2) Recognise what Jesus has done by washing you and realise the responsibility that comes with it. In verse 12 Jesus asks if we recognise what He has done, this leads to the responsibility that comes with the washing, walking in cleanliness and holiness.

3) Follow the example of Jesus. Verse 14 is a clear direction from God that we can demonstrate His power of rebuilding in us through serving others in the same way Jesus does, helping others unpack and rebuild with Jesus by washing each other’s feet.

What have you unpacked with God that still needs to be fully washed away? In which ways can you serve others to help rebuild them?