Stitches Sewing School Student’s Achievement

At last we have the results for last Novembers DIT Tailoring examination. Everyone has been waiting most patiently but also rather anxiously for these to be posted.

All 17 passed the Practical with flying colours and 15 passed the Theory as well.

This is such brilliant news and the best results overall since we started “Stitches” Sewing School. A Very Well Done to them all and to John Bosco their main teacher and Christine his assistant.

Many of the students started the course having had only very basic schooling and with many past and current difficulties in their lives. They have all had to work very hard to achieve their results and that effort shows in these results. Alongside learning to sew by hand and use a treadle machine they have learnt pattern making, machine maintenance, personal health and hygiene, had English lessons for reading and writing, practiced various crafts and looked at how to cope in the work place and business world.

With such wonderful results they now not only have very valuable skills for life but also a much better chance of getting paid work.