It is hard to believe that TEAMS is now 21 years old and has definitely “come of age”!

During this time, we have spread the word of God to countless people, helped teach hundreds to read and write English; taught many a Skill-for-life in our vocational training centre; supported more than 30 orphans through their education until adulthood; Ministered in many prisons and hospitals and built and continue to run a community borehole. These successes and many other beneficial programmes have only been possible due to the generosity and loyal support of you, our willing supporters.

On behalf of TEAMS boards both here in the UK and in Uganda we THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS.

From inception, TEAMS vision was to be the catalyst in its quest to spread the word and love of God to people in East Africa. Gradually our local Trustees and managers have been encouraged to take more and more responsibility for running TEAMS and now, after 21 years of leading, encouraging and nurturing, our Ugandan staff are ready to take over all management control leaving the UK supporters with just the financial control. Uganda has made great steps in starting to raise funds locally, but it has to be recognised that it will not be financially self sufficient for some time yet.

To implement our vision of passing more responsibility to Uganda, The UK Board has decided that some legal restructuring is necessary. The first step of this is to establish a new, not-for-profit limited liability company in Uganda. This company will have no shareholders so the company itself is the entity which will own all of TEAMS’s assets in Uganda. We are pleased to announce that at the end of July, this stage was completed with the registration of The East African Missionary Society Uganda Ltd. The next phase is to transfer our land titles, Ugandan bank accounts and all other assets to this company.

In setting up this new company, we are pleased to have secured Pastor Morish Okello as an additional board member making 4 Ugandan members and 2 UK ones. This ensures that all management decisions will have a Ugandan majority, although the UK will still exercise full financial control.

Please pray for a smooth and successful transfer during this restructuring process and also for all of our Ugandan Board members.