Pastor Charles is still in St Francis Hospital Nsambya Kampala and very unwell. Scans and tests show he now has stage 4 cancer, very high blood pressure and kidney failure. He is having frequent dialysis and is due to start Chemotherapy today 10th May 2023.
His medical bills went past the 10m/= (Ugandan Shillings) mark (about £2,500) at the beginning of this month and now stand at 10.7m/= . So far TEAMS has paid 4,000,000/= and his family and friends have managed to raise just over 2,000,000/= leaving an outstanding bill of 4,600,000/=. These are huge sums of money in Ugandan terms. The outstanding bill alone represents more than a years salary for Pastor Charles. Now, with the commencement of Chemo and yet more dialysis, the weekly bill will rise by an estimated 2,000,000/=. This is beyond Charles’s reach and without further significant donations, is also beyond TEAMS’s financial ability to meet. PLEASE HELP THIS DESPERATE SITUATION AND MAKE A DONATION TO TEAMS TODAY USING THE REFERENCE 4PASTORCHARLES.
Our bank details are shown on our “donate” tab – to be found under “get involved”. If you can Gift Aid your donation, please download our Gift Aid form and complete/sign and return it to us either at [email protected] or [email protected]. On behalf of Pastor Charles and TEAMS family: THANK YOU!

We don’t just need financial donations. Charles and his family need your prayers too. Below are some prayer points we invite you to pray over. • Miracle healing for Charles…Make his tumour vanish; remove all secondary cancer (in Charles’s lungs); re-awaken his kidneys and reduce his very high blood pressure. • Prayers for Charles’s family. Wife Susan – by his hospital bedside 400 miles from home; 2 sons Isaiah (5) and Bruce (2) being looked after by extended family in Gulu; his 2 brothers Solomon and Ogen and his Uncle Martin who is also by his bedside. • Prayers for TEAMS other staff who are all shocked by this sudden and unexpected health scare. They have all been supporting Charles and voluntarily funded a visit last weekend of 2 staff members and Charles’s youngest brother Ogen to Kampala. • Prayers for Assistant Pastor Joel – only appointed last November, but for more than 3 months has been running TEAMS church and its associated programmes. • Prayers that donations flood in for Charles – TEAMS does not want to have to make the decision that further medical treatment cannot be afforded. The TEAMS board both in the UK and Uganda thank you in advance for your concern and compassion.