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Archive of: August, 2013
The Physical Cost of Missions - Kate Kimona (Uganda 2013)

Last minute lists, last minute packing, last minute washing, yes these are all the features of what physically occurs the day before a missions trip! In regards to me it’s my first trip into the unknown with the intentions of bringing support to a community whose history is described as [...]

Emotions - Hannah Jarrett (Uganda 2013)

So, it’s finally Friday- which means different things to different people! For some, it shouts ‘welcome to the weekend;’ marking party time, movie nights, pay cheques or even just extra sleep! For me however, this particular Friday marks the 48hour countdown until I embark upon probably the most daring thing [...]

Uganda 2013 - The launch of the mission

The count down begins!!!  As I write this blog, there are just 2 days, 23 hours and 57 minutes left till the 1st September.  This is where, most of team Uganda 2013, will be en-route to London Heathrow terminal 5!! Armed with 483kg of luggage, 3.5 litres of mosquito spray [...]

New Home!

Welcome to our new home! We were previously at but we have decided to connect directly through the website.

You will find here motivational thoughts by the founder Liam Chapman and also various ministry updates! Look forward to a mission team heading out to Gulu in a few days with [...]