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Archive of: October, 2013
‘Integration not Isolation’

When we think of religion we often think of separation. Different clothes, different places and different lifestyles. Unfortunately for many it has gone to the extreme where purity is measured by protocol, position or pomp.  Most faiths are marked by outward appearance, Jesus marked by inward transformation.

Jesus moved the goalposts. [...]

Power – ‘use or abuse’

The Greek word for ‘power’ is often translated as miraculous power or the force of power to do things and make things happen. That is true, but there is another element which relates to the ‘ability’ to do something or make it happen. Ability is the skill set or competence [...]


When we think of waiting we often think of waiting for a bus, or waiting for something to arrive. I am sure we all remember Christmas Eve as children and the anticipation and expectation we felt as the ‘Big Day’ dawned and we couldn’t wait to see what presents we [...]

‘Authentic Relationships’

It is a sad fact but true, most people are motivated by self in relationships. There is always an agenda, always an ‘angle’, always a drive that leads to connection. Sometimes these are conscious such as money, ambition and power. Sometimes unconscious and in ignorance, such as insecurities, dependencies and [...]