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Archive of: March, 2014

Faithfulness and loyalty are rare qualities today, but they are a few of the most important characteristics we can possess - as it reflects the nature of God. Life throws disappointments, tribulations and trials which can lead us to draw back from our responsibilities, but God draws closer to [...]

Reflections - Uganda Mission 2014 - Amit

We are now back from the mission after a gruelling 10-12 days. It was so easy to get carried away in the day to day grind of it but upon reflection something incredible yet simple stands out. The faithfulness of God.

The missions trip was incredibly positive in many ways [...]

Teams Update Week 6

TEAMS Mission to Uganda – March 2014

Well, as we draw to a close on another mission, it is nice to see smiles all round! Below you see the picture of one of our leaders receiving a full set of the Stepping Out Programme Training manuals which we presented to [...]