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London - 2 days later (Amit)

I arrived back in London on Monday night with a sense of relief, not because I had come home but because I had fulfilled everything asked of me.  There has been a sense of satisfaction about this mission and the key for me was to stay humble despite the authority [...]

Jesus the healer! – a modern day miracle (Rachel)

As the mission has now come to an end and the team have since left Gulu, making their way back to the Uk. I still remain for a few weeks in the good company of Daniel and Jody who are based here. Therefore, already being familiar with Gulu as I [...]

Coming to the end - Michael

The days on missions always started with praise/worship and word at the hotel, then the same at the TEAMS sanctuary! I found this exhilarating and these times of devotions got the day off to an exciting start!

There was lots going on with the ministering, teaching and praying and the [...]

Change - Did we? - Amit

As the mission trip draws to an end it has been a starting point for us individually to reflect and measure the change within us. During our preparation for Uganda many told us, we would come back changed and totally different and I could almost see where people were [...]

The story so far - Ojali

It’s funny how you don’t forget the sounds, smells and sights of Africa. From the pot holes to the markets, as vast as the continent of Africa is in its heritage, there are striking similarities. My days in Gulu in the north of Uganda has definitely flown by. The activities [...]

Children's fun day - report by Stephanie Anyan

Another beautiful sunny day in Layibi, perfect conditions for the ‘Children’s Fun Day’! And what a FUN day it was…

As I was filling up my balloons with water for the obstacle course activity, I Iooked up at the surrounded TEAMS compound to see many smiling little faces peering [...]

Dan and Jodes give their verdict on the UK team!

Dan and I expected an avalanche with little reprieve when the UK mission team arrived one week ago (sorry – us Aussies are blunt!) This is our ninth month living in Gulu and after saying goodbye to our last mission team two months ago, still tired and weary, we were [...]

‘Into the breach’ - Liam Chapman

What a day!

Being a Sunday, this was ‘church’ day. Team members visited and ministered in different churches. New experiences and opportunities for most, and overwhelmingly impactful. For me, it was TEAMS Church at Layibi, The Sanctuary. And what a joy to see 9 of the people who came to [...]